SuperNova Friendship and BOM

Time for the SuperNova Friendship block swap hosted by Stephanie and Sandra here. My new friend Jen from Jenniferunderthejunipertree and I met up at the local fabric store and swapped our blocks. This is so funny that each time we tend to do something similar with our blocks. We both put contrasting color for this months block in the same place. So cool.  I think we were meant to be friends and not just because of that! Mine is the yellow/gold/purple and Jens is the  pink an chartreuse.

Late Night Quilter
This months topic for the swap is about childhood summer memories.  Jen and I shared some favorite summer time activities that we did when we were kids. Since we both lived in rural areas we have some similarities like making forts in the field or in the hay loft. We liked to play by ourselves or with siblings or cousins. Long lazy summers days stretched out before us with adventures to be had. Hop on over to Jen's blog to find out more about her summer memories.

My cousin loved to act out themes from Star Trek and Tom Sawyer.  I have to say that when Jen mentioned in a previous swap that she loved The Big Bang Theory I had to check it out and have been spending this summer watching the first 5 seasons and loving it!  I think my cousin Jay (no longer with us) would have loved this show too.  Especially one of last nights episodes where Spock kept appearing in Sheldon's dreams tempting him to do something logical!! :)

Anyway here we are so far:

Looking good!!!

I started working on the latest BOM of SewCanShe here. This months classic block is the Variable Star.  Can you say L-O-V-E?

I decided to do 6, 12, 24, and then why not...48 even though  I was using up fabric from my stash.  Of course I didn't have enough to do the corners so I made up a few more Star blocks and this is how it turned out.

So So Fun!!!!  I can tell my one star is same volume so it is hard to see in the shot but in person it looks pretty good. I am not sure how I will quilt this one up but another top done and I love the star in a star in a star in a star surrounded by stars!!! whew!


Jen said…
It was so nice to see you yesterday. I'm just loving how these quilt blocks are coming together!! Your star quilt is cool, I like that grunge fabric.
I'm glad you started watching Big Bang Theory, it is just so funny and I always laugh so much!
Wendy said…
I love the extra stars in the corners, great addition
Sarah Goer said…
I love your variable star! Great colors and beautiful fabrics. Nice work!!

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