PQ season 6 #5 = Favorite Fabric: Little Black Dress

I have to say this was another dream quilt for me. I love ogee/gula shaped quilt patterns. I found this one a while back and filed it away as a someday project.  When Kim announced the PQ challenge this week was our favorite fabric I floundered because I love so many many different fabrics. I just happened to see ogee quilt pattern by Rebecca Johnson called "French Connection" and bells and whistles went off in my head. I have/had a bag of Little Black Dress II and some other fabrics  (like grunge...mmmmm) collected that are sort of frenchy flavored bits of yum and I knew I had to put this together.  note: the sun going down made it a little washed out here.

You can see the lovely gray greege colors, cream and black and beige. All of these worked really well together.
This was a bit hectic this week to figure this out and do all those curves in one week but I kept at it.  I probably have a little bit less hair on my head but I love love love this quilt.

All of the fabric for the front and back were in my stash. I love that roman numeral fabric and I even used some in the binding.

I am calling this one "Little Black Dress at the French Quarter"
She measures 50" x 73" all stash fabrics!
She took 1 1/2 days to cut out using a cardboard cut out for the concave and convex shapes. I was able to sew this pretty quickly but did make a few mistakes on a couple of the directional fabrics and had to recut. I did straight line quilting at a diagonal which forms a secondary diamond in the ogee shapes. It took about 3 hours to mark this so my lines are pretty darn straight (not perfect but pretty good) :)  I love her no matter!!!

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The deadline is March 8th at noon and then voting will open until March 12th so stay tuned and you will be able to vote for your favorite! Vote HERE and I am #26


Clumsy Chord said…
This looks pretty amazing! I love that shape too, but I'm not too good with curved sewing just yet, so it's hard to imagine tackling that pattern!
Sharon said…
It's beautiful! Hard to imagine getting this done in one week. Doesn't it feel good to have pushed through? Great job!
Kylie MJ said…
Wow. Great shapes!!
Jen said…
YES!! This turned out beautifully! I love the colors, shapes and THE NAME! So great! Congrats on finishing in a week, Wowza lady!
Carla said…
Oh, Kris, I love this. Those fabrics are a love of mine and I do have a few. All those curves look super challenging and you really out did it this week. It's a big one, too. You get a WOW award for sure!!!!
Jean said…
I love this quilt....it's a tessellation too which is a favorite of mine. You did a great job!
Love how elegant this finish is!!! Great pictures too! Looks like you had fun!

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