Okay so last week I decided to work on some handwork for a change. I can have something portable and take to chat with my quilty friends. Then my wrist started feeling weird. That was okay as I now have another challenge I am working on this week.

So this is the back of my handwork hexi piece. I think I am going to make a pillow out of it so it doesn't have to be too much bigger. Busy week this week so I hope to get back to this or work on my challenge.
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Jasmine said…
I love the colors in your piece. Have fun, but do take care.
This piece looks interesting. Good you don't need to make it much bigger, I'd love to see the front when it's done!
Rachel said…
I like the pop of red. Looking forward to seeing the front! I hope your wrist feels better.
Jen said…
Cool! I worked on another batch of hexies tonight. I need to decide if I'm done or if I'm going to make more...

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