Project Quilting #4 = Blink

 "Blink" - Across the Universe Challenge
Project Quilting @ Persimon Dreams HERE
29 x 29
Pieced, raw edge applique
Circle quilting  in white
FMQing in clear 
binding with a facing
Project Quilting Season 5 #4 challenge "Across the Universe". At first I had no idea what I wanted to do with this challenge because it could be so many different things.  Then I remembered I had ear-marked an illusion quilt I wanted to try sometime and to me this spoke "Across the Universe" if I could pull it off. 

 You can see the quilting a little bit here
The fabrics really are Kona plain black and white. Some of the photos are taking in lighted room and the others on the floor under a skylight so they really look different don't they?
Don't look too long at some of these photos....Blink! :) 
Here is an idea of how little my applique pieces were!
 The backing is just plain print and the facing is a tiny geometric. I like how the quilting shows up on the back pretty nicely.


  1. This is super impressive! Love this!

  2. I love this! It's so funny, I was just thinking about making a black and white quilt, too!

  3. My eyes are goggling - both from the fabric illusion, and the fact you did this so quickly! You're a wonder!

  4. Perfect name for a great quilt. Great way to interpret the challenge.

  5. Beautiful, Kris - but it makes me dizzy. Love the back! and those are tiny applique pieces.

  6. This is fantastic! And all those little pieces... wow!
    Your quilting is perfect for it too! Great work :)


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