Wed WIP..slow and steady

Wednesday again? I have had an interesting week and sort of lost track of time. I tend to sew on something, cut out something, quilt something or just dream of doing something. Between all of that, I watch dvd's and tv series in one swoop and walk while listening to audio books. When one of those options is out of commission it seems everything is off. I am having a huge glitch with my tv and dvd player. Suddenly they won't work together so my little movie break has come to a halt. Today my cd player is giving me fits and it is the one in my sewing room so I am all discombobulated. ;)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

However, it has not stopped the progress I am making on some blocks I am doing for the Mod Olive QAL over at SewKindofWonderful. HERE

Mod Olives QAL
Two more Skillbuilder blocks are ready to quilt QAYG style:

The second block is not from the Skillbuilder persay. I used the pixel block style again but made this much smaller to sort of make a wonky type of log cabin block. I am substituting it in for one of the applique blocks. 

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Lorna McMahon said…
Your blocks are beautiful! Love that brown and pink combo. Hope you can get your technology problems sorted out. Until then, maybe whistling while you work will have to do?
Rachel said…
Nice skill-builder blocks. That pop of color is excellent.
Jasmine said…
Your curved piecing is looking wonderful. I haven't wanted to try it yet, so I always love to see what other people are doing. ;)
I really like that mod print!
Oooohhhh I really love the turquoise background in the first pic with the oranges and mustards!!!!
Katherine said…
Awesome blocks, Kris! Loving those colourful, curvy ones.
Terry said…
I love your black and gray blocks! :0)

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