ALYoFinish it up Friday!

"Weathered Wood"
60 x 75

Friday and the end of the month...all is good!
I am posting my finish for the month, the "Barn Door" from the QAL over at Sarah Quilts. I am so happy with my finish. I am even more excited that it was all from my stash. 

It was cold enough outside that the tape kept freezing and letting go so I had to just lay it down for pics. 

I used the other hour glass block on the back and then used more stash fabrics to piece it all together.
I kept with the Barn door theme and tried to quilt it up with a giant "Z" and I think the placement of some of the fabrics lend themselves to the idea of slats of wood. 

It just goes to show that making yourself use what you have sometimes can be surprising. :)  I really love this one and I think it is my largest quilt yet on my home machine. 

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Terry said…
It's gorgeous! I love those colors! :0)
Jeanette said…
Isn't it great to be able to make an entire quilt from stash fabrics?? So beautiful, wonderful job. I like the back as much as the front.
Beth said…
Love the colors and the design and even better fron stash! Great job! I love stash sewing.
Cheryl said…
Love this version of the barn door quilt, great fabric choices.
Kat said…
I love your colors! Great pieced back too, and the quilting! I love everything about it!
Gemini Jen NZ said…
That is really gorgeous - how satisfying to have used stash fabrics! Great job!
Yay!!!! It's completely beautiful. I love it, and I am so pleased that you love it! Thanks so much for participating.
That is a super cool setting! Really love the pieced back too! Great job!
Barb in Mi said…
Fabulous finish - congrats!
Sue Daurio said…
Front and back, very creative, spectacular quilt! Love the quilting
capitolaquilter said…
Congrats on your finish and the front and back are both really lovely. Bonus for working from stash!
Lorna McMahon said…
Gorgeous fabric choices! Your finish is just fabulous! Love the back too, Kris. Well done!
Sarah Hasse said…
Love the colors! I also love getting to use only stash fabrics in a quilt. Good job!
Quilting it in a Z was genius! Love that idea. And, I love the colors. They work so well together. Yay for successful stash use :-)
Love it! The title is such a great match.
Sandy said…
That looks great! I especially like the back!! Congrats on your finish AND on using up some of what you had. ;-)
Ella and Nesta said…
It looks great! I really like the wood effect of some of the fabrics. And the back is brilliant. Great idea to add the hourglass. Well done!

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