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SewThinkyThurs button Today's question from Emily at Mommy's Nap Time

What is your favorite Kona cotton or other fabric you run out of all the time?

Lately it seems to be Kona Charcoal.  
I also like Kona 

But I love color so go figure?? I think it would be fun to make my own color palette  to have all the time. I get scared when I think I want a whole bolt of something. ha

WIP right now has some of my Kona Coal that I love. 
This is one of my blocks from the Skill builder BOM

I have branched out and made a few other color quilts but I do love a bit of black in most things in and out of quilting.  I think the grays and the blacks really show off your work.  This is a journey and my color favs come and go but I think these three will stay with me for a while. 


  1. Another lover of Charcoal and Coal! I love how you used it in your block!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. The coal looks great with the prints & solids in your block!

  3. Your block looks great. I too like those colors


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