Ahhh...Aurifil Thread

A while ago Aurifil had a slogan contest and my title was my slogan.  If you use Aurifil thread you probably know this already. It should have won but that is just my opinion.  Anyway, I love the way Aurifil lays flat when you press the seam open and when you quilt over it.  Alas, I was putting together my first round of strips on my 30 Birdbath blocks and I ran out. Luckily I scrounged around and found a new spool. :)

I am using Aurifil Mako 2 ply thread to piece.  What threads do you like to use for piecing and or quilting??

Here is the first round of strips.
One more set of corners and strips go around this square and then corners again. I am not sure how I am going to put it together yet but this is a see as you go along type project.  It is coming together nicely. 


Elena Destro said…
Sincere opinion about Aurifil threads, thanks for sharing it!
I look forward to seeing other posts soon.
PS very nice blog, I am following you.

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