Not the only stash in town!

Well I love fabric but I also have a love for pretty paper. I am not a huge scrapbook person though I have made a few. I just really really like pretty paper. Doing things with it...not so much! 
Today I broke out of that for a minute to make this cute magnetic message board. I think it will make a cute addition to my sewing room walls which have gone bare way too long. 
Here is what it looks like:

This is a great recycle project too. I used and old 8 x 10 photo frame. Scuffed up the finish with sandpaper to give it a worn look. I had my trusty husband bring some old scraps of sheet metal home from work before Christmas. He cut them to fit the opening (s). I think it is so cute I might just make a couple more since I have the old frames sitting in a pile. 
I made some cute little lacy doily (from stickers) type magnets and there it is. So cute!


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