Sweet Caroline

If thoughts of Neil Diamond singing this song pops in your head right now, you are not alone. However, for me it brings fond memories of my mom this past year. Caroline of course is her name and she was indeed sweet. I learned all about sewing from her when I was very little, watching her make and create everything from clothes to quilts.  I started this blog because I hope to continue learning and doing and sharing. Since she passed away this last fall I miss my project sharing with her. In a way sharing with the world makes me feel like I am still showing her all that I am working on and doing. 

"Sweet Caroline" is  the name I gave this quilt I made for her when she was moved to a nursing home in the spring of 2012.  It is a tumbler pattern made from a template she bought me.  I wanted to cheer up her room and show her that I could keep the learning of quilting going after she was gone. 

I sort of did my own layout and added some fun little tumblers to the front and a few regular ones to the back. 
All quilted with some organic lines. 
This stayed on her bed until the end and now I have the quilt back. I entered it the www.quiltinggallery.com show and tell for favorite quilt of 2012. I think the voting will start today so go on over and see what you think. 

Here is a little key bobble I made with an old pic of my mom. I made a few similar ones for some of my sisters.

I called this blog "Sew Sunshine" because my moms favorite song was "You are my Sunshine". She is my sunshine and I hope this blog helps honor her memory since she is so near and dear my heart everyday!


Karen said…
Kris - what a lovely gift and lasting tribute to your mom.

llassiter said…
I just wanted you to know that I cried reading this. It's a heartfelt, wonderful tribute to grandma - she most definitely is loving what you are doing and you know she would love being involved if she were still here. I think it's great that you are "taking her along", in this way. I think she was very proud of you and would be proud to see you accomplish so much. Enjoy the gift she obviously gave you :) and continue to share it!

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