Project for Relay auction started

Today I decided on the fabric for my Relay for Life quilt. My niece does a silent auction each year to raise money for Cancer research.  I have been trying to donate a quilt or something each year and this year I it will be a small quilt.  I am really excited with what I have picked out.  This time I started this idea with just the fabric and then looked around for a pattern that would suit.

This fabric is called Dogwood Trail by Moda. I just loved how fresh and lovely this fabric was. I found a couple coordinates to go with it then hit the scrap box of mine for the others. In the mean time I had to find a pattern.  Luckily I was just looking through some quilt books and then ...there it was.  The practical guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman has a beautiful pattern called "Birdbath". Perfect right? Well you will have to go look in the book or wait to see how I do.
I had to find quite a few pieces to go with this but I think I have what it takes.
Lots of small squares to cut and mark but I think I have most of the cutting done and have put a few of the blocks together to see how they look.  I love adding some of the gray and taupe and cream with the pink and the green. I think it is going to be great but we will see how it goes.
If you want to know more about +Elizabeth Hartman she is over at
I will share more of this project as it goes along.  Oh and more about Relay for life too!


Stella Nemeth said…
The fabrics are really pretty. And I guess the pattern has a lot of squares in two different sizes.

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