Dahlia Dreams and the process of learning

'Dahlia Dream"
approx 30"x 31"
freezer paper pieced, applique 
This dahlia was an ordeal. Several years ago I came across this pattern made with freezer paper.  The colors are chosen the freezer paper pattern pieces are drawn and cut out by hand, ironed to the strips of fabric and then you sew the whole thing together without seeing the front. yep.....

Soooo much paper must be taken off. Lots of missed points were revealed. I didn't remember this being an issue the last time I made one. It didn't want to lay flat either so I had to applique it onto another fabric and I came up with doing a bias tape trim around the circle. I was able to get it flat.  That is one good thing I guess. With all the mishaps I decided to experiment with some quilting in outside corners but quickly gave that up to. 

It looks okay in places. I went ahead and finished it because I love the colors and the process even though it is not quality it has a value to me.

Sometimes you just have to push through and accept finished is better than perfect. I am okay with that. 

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Frédérique said…
No quilt is perfect ;) Yours is beautiful, you can be proud of it. I love those colors!
Jayne said…
It looks gorgeous regardless of the issues. The colors are beautiful! I've never heard of that technique before. The back where you are sewing the pieces together looks so complicated. Try as we might we can't be perfect!!
Wendy said…
it's beautiful! I'm sure you're the only one who will see the issues
Vasudha said…
Wow! This is so beautiful and so complicated. The finished quilt looks gorgeous.
Brooke Sellmann said…
wow, wow, wow!!
so impressive!!

thanks so much for linking up!

time4stitchn said…
This is amazing! Your colors are really beautiful and I am glad you finished it. I had not heard of this technique prior to you showing your steps. Sorry for all frustration! But the product is well worth it. I just want to gaze at it. It draws me in..

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