Improv cross plus in gingham

A while ago I saw a free pattern from Robert Kaufman made out of Kona called Kona Crossing. I thought it was super cute and would be an easy piece to change size on and make into a fun child size quilt. This is my interpretation made out of these fun gingham looking cottons I had. 

 I have to admit this is super cute! Some little girl is going to love this. 

and because the next photo had too much background clutter I zipped it up in a filter which turned out way cool. 

Fun and done!! woohoo

Also for fun........
I decided to add some shibori (itajime) type folding and some black rit dye to some gray dish towels. They turned out so cool. :)

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Paige said…
What fun quilt and a nice size for a baby quilt! The ginghams paired with solids and the placement of each really emphasizes the plus theme. And, the pops of yellow adds just the right sparkle in the quilt.
Laura said…
I love the baby quilt -- it's so bright and fun. But I REALLY love that dish towel! I never thought to try that with RIT dye. It looks awesome.
Roxanne said…
This was a really great fabric variation for this quilt pattern! I love gingham and often buy but haven't used much--yet! It was this that brought me over from Kelly's My Quilt Infatuation blog. Printed the pattern already, then I saw Pojagi curtains. Be still my heart.
flicking back through your blog posts, I love the gingham plus quilt. The colour filter photo is really fun too

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